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Consultancy Services

Continuing Education

At LMLM, we appreciate that sometimes, major projects such as client on-boarding, case-load management or a closure focus, can provide an extra burden and requires additional advice or specialisms. Based on our combined experience of decades in our field, we are now able to provide consultancy services to TPAs and employers alike. These services are customized to meet your requirements and ensure that your normal case-handling does not suffer as a result of additional work.


Our consultancy services are based on need and tailored to meet the demands of your project.

Expert Execution

LMLM's staff are specialist Workers' Compensation attorneys and can provide expert and timely advice during the execution phase.

Location Independent

LMLM consultantcy comes to you and works alongside your staff and supervisors at all times.

Further Information and Contact

For additional information on consultancy services, please contact Dan Murdock, Managing Partner:

Dan Murdock

11246 Gold Express Drive, Suite 99
Gold River, CA 95670

(+1) 916 852 0501

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